Monday, June 3, 2013

Full of Humor Birthday Party

We witness funny moments all the time, but there are some which simply exceed in humor. And this is a good thing, as laughing and humor always make our day!

Here is a funny story about Tom's birthday, which happend two weeks ago:

"When I woke up that morning I did not feel too good, but I hopes my wife will sing "Happy Birthday" and, possibly, will give me a gift. Instead, my beautiful wife did not even said Good Morning ...

My children took their breakfast without congratulating me, they just stood still in front of their laptops looking for funny stuff on Facts Village . It seemed everyone forgot it was my birthday. Of course, I got very depressed at work, where as soon as I walked in my secretary, full of euphoria, said "Happy Birthday". I must admit that I felt a little better, at least she remembered my birthday ... We worked normally and to my disappointment none of your friends or relatives called me to congratulate me. I was really stunned because last year and the years before that I got dozens of phonecalls.

Close to noon, my secretary came into my office and said to me: "Would you want to go and have lunch together?" I said was the best proposal I've heard all day and I accepted. We chose an intimate restaurant where we ate well, drank one glass of wine each and we had a lot of fun. In the car on the way to the office she said: "It's such a beautiful day, why should we go back to the office, you better come with me at home and we'll continue to have fun!".

"Okay", I said ... "Come on and so we will have one more drink". Once inside her apartment, my secretary told me: "I hope you don't mind if I make myself more comfortable". "Oh, Noooo, there is no problem", I said, and I thought to myself it would be an interesting experience. She went into the bedroom and came out a moment later with a huge birthday cake, followed by my wife, children, friends and relatives singing in chorus: "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU" and I stood like an idiot only in my pants in the middle of the living room...

That's why I fired my the secretary ... No one messes with my feelings!".

Well, we think Tom did the right thing, but we are still wondering what might had happened next... and we can not help ourselves laugh thinking about the alternatives. Don't you?


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